17 December 2014


Happy holidays:

  • Date: September 25th and 27th (yes, with a gap day)
  • Venue: Radialsystem V
  • The ticket sale starts February 1st and 3rd
  • Combo Tickets for JSConf EU and CSSconf EU will be available

18 September 2014

JSConf EU 2014 – Its a wrap

Thanks everyone for coming! You were incredible!

Videos of all the sessions will be posted to our Videos page and on our YouTube channel as post production finishes.

Subscribe on YouTube:

11 September 2014

The Sunday Night Party: Return to Hoppetosse

For the JSConf EU After Party on Sunday, September 14, and SoundCloud invite you to return to the Boat Hoppetosse with DJs & free drinks …

… and food!

We’ve teamed up with Bite Club to offer a mini on-boat version of Berlin’s hottest outdoor food event. Two vendors from Bite Club’s roster will be on deck selling tasty options for a dinner or snack. Our food vendors take cash only. They’ll be there from the beginning until the food runs out, so you can head directly over to the Hoppetosse after the conference closing. Yay!

Maria Maria Arepas and Dr. To’s will be selling options for vegans, vegetarians and carnivores. Mmm.

The password at the door is “I love JavaScript”, or a JSConf EU badge. ps: The boat is docked the WHOLE time.

Thank you,

09 September 2014

The Friday Night Party and Pre-Checkin

We’re happy to announce that CSSConf EU is again inviting the JSConf EU attendees to their party on Friday night!

This will be your first opportunity to connect to fellow JSConf attendees and join into the excitement coming out of CSSConf. You do not want to miss this.

Also, this year, we’ll do a pre-checkin for JSConf at the party entrance. You’ll get your badge early and avoid standing in line Saturday morning, so you have more time to enjoy our excellent breakfast.

PS: In case you missed it, here is all the info about our big Saturday party.

02 September 2014

Diversity Tickets: Now accepting applications

We have now opened our application for our Diversity Attendee Tickets. If you would like to apply, fill out our three question application. These are free tickets to JSConf EU, plus up to €500 for travel and hotel, supported by generous community members.

As previously announced, this year we are offering five Super Golden Diversity Supporter tickets for sale. We talked about the motivation for this inititive in a post a couple weeks ago.

So far, we have sold two such tickets. Huge thank yous to:

  • Travis CI, our hometown friends behind everyone’s favourite continuous integration service
  • Mike West, who bought a stand-alone Diversity Support-Only Ticket. Thank you, Mike!

We will notify recipients of the tickets as soon as possible, and others will remain on a waiting list in case we sell the three remaining Diversity Supporter tickets.

We believe that a more diverse crowd makes for a better event. If you agree, we invite you to become supporter. We still have three Super Golden Diversity Supporter tickets left. You get:

  • 1 JSConf EU ticket for yourself to keep.
  • 1 JSConf EU ticket for someone in the community who couldn’t afford to come otherwise

(You will pay for both tickets plus a 500€ travel stipend for the other person.)

01 September 2014

The Saturday Party

Joe McCann wants techno. Google and SinnerSchrader are inviting us again to our main party. (Pssst: As every year we’re inviting the entire Berlin tech community as well. We’re selling low price tickets over on

This year we’ll try something new! Since we’re a conference and you all want to learn something the JSConf party will start with an actual serious talk. At 9pm, after you had a nice dinner at the venue, we’ll convene back into one of our tracks and Tim Pietrusky will present his talk “Nerd Disco”. Sorry, no laptops allowed for this :) [1]

The end of the talk will transition smoothly into our first DJ set and then we’re super excited to announce that ricoloop will join us for an incredible beat-box improv loop extravaganza.

We’ll float through the night with 3 awesome DJ sets. The party together with dinner and all drinks is included in your JSConf ticket and if you don’t have one, we’d still love it if you’d join us for the for the party on Saturday night, so you get a chance to meet all the awesome people who made it to Berlin – and you, the Berlin developer community, get to meet them. Party-only tickets are 20 Euros with entry to the venue at 9pm.

[1] You can store laptops and other items at our wardrobe, so no need to bring anything back to your home or hotel after the regular conference ends.

[1.1] Just making sure everybody knows: There will be a full dinner after conference day one and everyone will be fed and there will be drinks and then also the party is in the same place, so no need to make your own dinner plans or head back to your accommodation.

Thank you,

15 August 2014

Diversity Support Tickets

UPDATE: We are now accepting applications for the diversity tickets.

At JSConf EU, we’ve been working tirelessly on increasing the diversity of our speakers and attendees.

One of our new initiatives this year was to reserve a contingent of tickets for groups and organisations that work on diversity in tech and offer them to buy a ticket outside of the regular and hectic ticket release schedule.

We had some success, which is great, but the number one piece of feedback we received was that people who are already marginalised in the tech industry are unlikely to have the spare money to buy a ticket, let alone take a few days off for a conference or pay for a flight and hotel.

Since we are a non-profit conference, it is tough to give out free tickets, let alone pay for anyone’s travel expenses on top of our existing tight budget.

Yesterday, we announced that Google is picking up the bill for five lucky women in computer science. This is fantastic news and we encourage everyone, who fits the description, to apply.

But we want to do more. While it will be great to have more women computer scientists from around the world attend, we are also missing out from a lot of other groups, and we’d like to see them in Berlin.

Taking a hint from Strange Loop, we are now offering a limited number of special diversity support tickets.

The deal includes:

  • 1 JSConf EU ticket for yourself to keep.
  • 1 JSConf EU ticket for someone in the community who couldn’t afford to come otherwise

You will pay for both tickets plus a 500€ travel stipend for the other person.

We will be selecting the people from a list of submissions, which we will open once we have sold the tickets.

We believe that a more diverse crowd makes for a better event. If you agree, we invite you to become a Super Golden Diversity Supporter by buying one of the five three (Thank you Travis CI and Mike West!) tickets.

14 August 2014

Google EMEA Women in Tech Conference and Travel grants for female computer scientists

As part of Google’s ongoing commitment to encourage women to excel in computing and technology, we are pleased to offer Women in Tech Travel and Conference Grants to attend the JSConf EU 2014 conference.

We are offering 5 grants, which include:

  • Free registration for the conference
  • Up to 1000 EUR towards travel costs (to be paid after the conference)

To be eligible for a grant, the candidate must:

  • Be a woman working in or studying Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or technical field related to the conference subject
  • Have a strong academic background
  • Demonstrated leadership in the workplace or in school
  • Attend the core day(s) of the main conference

How To Apply

To apply, submit this form by the August 17th deadline.

To find out more about this Google program, please visit the website.

03 August 2014

Rough schedule

Looking for the talk schedule? Links to various versions are here.

For even more JavaScript-related goodness, make sure to check out the week-long in the days around JSConf.

All events on this page are included in the ticket price. Don't miss the parties and our Relax.js brunch on Monday! On the conference days we're serving excellent breakfast and lunch and a full dinner on Saturday.

02 August 2014


If you are still looking for a convenient hotel for JSConf EU we have an option for you: Ibis Ostbahnhof. Not because it is the best hotel around (it isn’t!), but because it is literally right next to our venue – as in the next house. This is also the same hotel where all speakers and staff will be staying.

The room rates with the JSConf EU code are:

  • Single Room - 81 €
  • Double Room - 96 €

Reviews say the rooms are smallish, so you may want to consider a double room even if you are by yourself.

The prices do not include breakfast but conference has breakfast (likely significantly better), so you may want to actually pick a rate that doesn’t have it. The rates DO include WIFI.

To book the room for the above rate call +4930257600 and mention the code MOS14. It does not work through online booking. You may also email

11 June 2014

Ticket Schedule

We may find a few more seats here and there as we do the final planning of the event, so keep checking.

Read up on the JSConf EU experience and what a ticket buys you.

We will be opening ticket sales in multiple batches:

  • First round: Sunday, **June 15th**, 18:00 CEST
  • Second round: Sunday, **June 22nd**, 18:00 CEST
  • Third round: Sunday, **June 29th**, 18:00 CEST
  • Fourth round: Sunday, **July 6th**, 18:00 CEST

Set your alarms now :)

Available here on the dates above.


  • Price: 575€ + VAT + Fees 699€.
  • Ticket sales will be done through Tito.
  • You won’t need a Paypal account, but you can use one! (The other option is Stripe.)
  • You will be able to buy one ticket per order.
  • We will sell Combo Tickets with CSSConf EU as well.
  • How we spend your money.


A JSConf EU Ticket buys you the following things:

  • Entry to the conference on September 13th & 14th.
  • Entry to the opening and closing parties on the 12th and 14th.
  • Entry to the main conference party on the night of the 13th.
  • Entry to relax.js on the 15th.
  • Extensive and delicious breakfast on the 13th & 14th. Do skip your hotel breakfast.
  • Fabulous lunch on the 13th & 14th and dinner on the 13th.