02 August 2014


If you are still looking for a convenient hotel for JSConf EU we have an option for you: Ibis Ostbahnhof. Not because it is the best hotel around (it isn’t!), but because it is literally right next to our venue – as in the next house. This is also the same hotel where all speakers and staff will be staying.

The room rates with the JSConf EU code are:

  • Single Room - 81 €
  • Double Room - 96 €

Reviews say the rooms are smallish, so you may want to consider a double room even if you are by yourself.

The prices do not include breakfast but conference has breakfast (likely significantly better), so you may want to actually pick a rate that doesn’t have it. The rates DO include WIFI.

To book the room for the above rate call +4930257600 and mention the code MOS14. It does not work through online booking. You may also email h3108@accor.com.