• We’ve been building HTML5/JS-apps together with our clients dev teams for several years
  • We were .NET developers on the client, but have seen the light ;)
  • We love AngularJS
  • We are a small group of passionate developers in Southern Germany (BY and BW)
  • We help developers architect and build AngularJS browser and hybrid apps
  • Oh … and we promise to continue our work on :)


Palantir Technologies builds software products to transform the way the world’s most important organizations use data to solve their biggest problems. We care deeply about user interface design, and constantly strive to make analysis of large-scale data and collaboration across teams more intuitive. We believe that smooth interaction between people and technology allows users to ask deeper questions of their data, get clearer answers, and make better decisions for their organizations.

The problems we solve every day are fundamentally about people. As members of the JavaScript community, this is why we support the organizer’s mission of making technology better, more diverse, and more human. For more information about who we are and what we do, see




uxebu is the first worldwide JavaScript-only development and consulting company. 98% of our software is built in JavaScript - client or server side. We also tutor your teams and help to increase skills and competences for outstanding solutions. What we also do is sharing our knowledge with others - we are initiator of the JS CodeRetreat. uxebu: we boost your JavaScript.




PayPal and Braintree are changing the way that people do business, as well as the way that large scale applications are built:

From our open source KrakenJS application suite to our easy to use APIs, we are proud to be part of the JavaScript community and are committed to creating experiences that both customers and developers love. PayPal and Braintree are constructing new breeds of identity systems, API standards, and payment platforms to support the next generation of disruptive technology.

Looking for more information? Be sure to check out our documentation for Braintree and PayPal and find our open source contributions over at GitHub. Want to receive the latest news? Follow @PayPalDev via Twitter.


Mic is a news publisher and technology company. We empower journalists and liberate data by building innovative technology. We believe the path to accurate, timely and interesting reporting is paved by open knowledge.


Heroku is a cloud application platform – a new way of building and deploying web apps. Our service lets app developers spend their time on their application code, not managing servers, deployment, ongoing operations, or scaling.


GitHub is the best way to build software together. Whether it’s your company’s app, your favorite open source library, or a weekend side project, GitHub helps everyone work better by providing tools for easier collaboration and code sharing on any device. Start collaborating today—open source project hosting is free!

What draws GitHub to JSConf EU time and time again is the quality of the experience. This conference stands out from others in the calendar because it truly is built with the attendees and wider community in mind and we’re delighted to be involved again in 2014 <3


Founded in 2004, Facebook’s mission is to make the world more open and connected. People use Facebook to stay connected with friends and family, to discover what’s going on in the world, and to share and express what matters to them.


ETECTURE supports and advises clients from all industries with tailor-made software solutions and state-of-the-art technologies for the web.

Our claim is to co-operate on a partnership basis to make a tangible difference in our clients’ businesses and thus create added value – for sustainable success and maximum customer satisfaction.

As ‘digital architects’, about 100 employees located in Germany and the UK plan, build and run enterprises to make your visions digital reality. We are happy to support the well-known JS conference in Europe.


DigitalOcean is the world’s fastest growing cloud hosting provider built for developers. Our mission is simple: we’re passionate about making complex infrastructure simple and delighting our customers with a seamless experience that brings them joy. New users can easily deploy a blazing fast cloud server in 55 seconds with an intuitive control panel interface, which can be replicated on a larger scale with the company’s straightforward API.

Commerce Plus

Commerce Plus implements digital sales concepts for manufacturers and retailers. As a leading e-commerce agency, we develop innovative online shopping experiences which attract consumers and promote long-term customer loyalty. Our range of services spans consulting and concept development, the development of online shops and e-commerce platforms, as well as e-commerce management and operation.


Brandwatch is one of the world’s best social technology companies. We help over 1000 businesses listen, analyse and act on conversations happening all over the web.

With such an accomplished and robust platform, we’ve embraced JavaScript and heavily use it across our products, both on the client and on the server with node.js. We’re passionate about open source, and want to give back to the community by sponsoring JSCONF EU.


Badoo is one of the most innovative, progressive and fastest-growing social networking companies in the world, with over 230 million users in more than 191 countries, accessing our site and apps in 46 different languages. From one of the best workspaces in London (games room, fridges full of food, sun decks, massive cushions), Badoo developers create apps for all major platforms, as well as brand new dev tools to benefit the industry as a whole.

We are keen to share our experience with the JS community and thanks to their feedbacks try to improve and innovate our service.